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Aux alentours - Camping Moto Route 99 - Auvergne

Auvergne by motorbike...

Auvergne seems to have been designed for motorcycle trips: here more than elsewhere, volcanoes, rivers, lakes and valleys have shaped a breathtaking landscape, criss-crossed by sensational roads.

Along the way, discover the must-see sites of Auvergne, its natural, cultural, historical and culinary treasures.

On weekend circuits of 2 to 3 days or for a journey of only a few hours, everything is done to facilitate your motorcycle trip!

The Puy-de-Dôme and the Chaîne des Puys 50 minutes from our campsite with a volcanic field of Puy-de-Dôme, you can also take beautiful walks. The chain of volcanoes has been a UNESCO heritage since 2018.

Source: Auvergne by motorbike | Auvergne Destination (

Sioule Gorge
La Bourboule
Chain of volcanic hills
Auvergne heritage...

Aux alentours - Camping Moto Route 99 - Auvergne
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